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Best tower defense games iPad for 2014

best tower defense games ipad

Tower defense games are most common in teenagers and well, game-addicts are fine playing anything as long as it has new to offer at every point of the game. Here are the 3 Best Tower Defense Games for iPad around:

Best tower defense games iPad for 2014

Warzone Earth

1. Warzone Earth – This game production studio called “11bit” came up with this tower offense game, which is almost an addiction now for most tower defense game players. The reason why this game comes in the 3 Best Tower Defense Games for iPad is because of it’s amazing graphics. The objective of the game is to guide a convoy of armoured attackers through the streets of cities seized by aliens. The tower defense part comes in after getting to the tower where the team takes an offensive role to defend the city. This is an amazing game and catches attention of many gamers who are looking for games like these.


2. Radiant Defense – Probably one of the most vibrant game, free to download and play from the App Store and provides the user with the traditional gameplay for a tower defense game, thus bringing its name in the 3 Best Tower Defense Games iPad around! Besides the game pattern and usage, the sound, graphics and humour in the game is plausible and the gamers love it!

Sentinel 3

3. Sentinel 3 – A science-fiction game that provides users usage of their virtual wants of having orbital weapons, automated drones and high-tech machinery in 20 unlockable levels! Certainly among the 3 Best Tower Defense Games iPad, the objective of the game surrounds a mesh commander, who uses the equipment on the ship and manipulates resources to decrease the level of vulnerability and increase defense, and keep doing it to proceed with success! This is probably the future of tower defense games where the idea is being morphed and the defense theme is being used instead of using the whole tower defense idea literally.

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