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How to download cydia for free using two methods

Cydia installation requires to jailbreak the IOS device to free its limitations from Apple. But not many users would prefer to lose the authenticity of the brand services and certifications. It is also considered less in security as jailbreaking takes away the services and legal sources of

The top 5 Best Android Launcher

We have seen and come across many launchers for our Android gadgets, but today we will take a look at the 5 best Android launchers¸ out there. Having the proper launcher will allow you to customize your gadget and provide some better features for your phone; selecting

How to get cydia on ios 7 without jailbreak

The Cydia update has arrived for iOS 7 users and they can download it as per preference.  There are two different methods for downloading cydia on iPhones running iOS 7.These are mentioned as below: First Method: [sociallocker]It involves the Evasion Jailbreak procedure for jail breaking and downloading

The 14 Best Cydia Tweaks for 2015s in History

Jailbreaking iPhones have taken to a new level in 2015 with more and more Cydia tweaks in the play. Customers are privileging themselves to come out of their IOS limitations and avail the complete freedom from jailbreaking their phones. Cydia has also introduced with newer apps for

Top 5 best rpg for android

Google PlayStore seems to have everything a gamer needs. In this article we’ll be taking a peek at the 5 best RPG for Android, it looks like Google PlayStore has a great variety to offer us. In case you are not much of a gamer, an RPG

5 best apps for rooted android

We know many peoples root their devices, but few of them truly know where to go from that point, this is why we consider making a list of the 5 best apps for rooted Androids. It is often used as a backup application, however there are a

The top 5 best email app for android

Accepting that nowadays everyone has several e-mails for different purposes; it is perhaps, a good reason why you should take a look at the top 5 best email app for android. You could simply keep using the default Email application, yet there are such a variety of