5 Best android video player for your smartphone


Coming across with the best video players for Androids, has always been a hazard. Being able to download the App, which best suits us, will be our main task. In this article, we’re going to show you five emphasized Android video players, rich with consistent features for playback.  

Best music downloader for android smartphones


We constantly depended on extraordinary music to stay with us. With the appearance of Android, getting access to music has gotten to be much less demanding. Gone are the times of chasing down a melody onto your desktop and stacking it into a conventional Mp3 player. Presently, with an Mp3 music download application, we can […]

3 Best iPad Apps for College Students

Best iPad Apps for College Students

In this day and age, as technology and the use of gadgets is getting common, the everyday-man requires every possible task from the click of a button and features that don’t require them to open their files, or find pens or paper etc. Here are the 3 Best iPad Apps for College Students that are […]

iPad 2 covers and cases on amazon

iPad 2 covers and cases

The “i” products from Apple have brought in a new trends in the technological markets and society. With the vast range of these gadgets and handheld devices, the iPads and iPhones have won the hearts and mind of consumers worldwide with their wide array of functionalities and the sleek looks. And this doesn’t end here; […]

iPad case with stylus holder amazon

iPad case with stylus holder

When we talk about the exact usage of an iPad, we usually fall into a complex web of things that a user can do while operating it. Some say it’s a portable time-pass and for some, it’s a work-tool. You will often find kids holding an iPad and playing games on it, but you will […]

Best tower defense games iPad for 2014

best tower defense games ipad

Tower defense games are most common in teenagers and well, game-addicts are fine playing anything as long as it has new to offer at every point of the game. Here are the 3 Best Tower Defense Games for iPad around:

Best strategy games for iPad (Top 3)

Best strategy games for iPad

Gaming is becoming very popular amongst iPad users. Be it any demographic, games of one form or another are being played by the users. A while back, strategy games took the world by storm and be it any computer system, with any technical specification whatsoever, game programmers had built a game that could run on […]

Cydia Lockscreen Tweaks For iOS 7

Cydia Lockscreen Tweaks

Even though numerous interesting tweaks can be mentioned when talking about how lockscreens can be made useful as well as interesting, the  Cydia Lockscreen Tweaks that are  not just interesting, but helpfully powerful are below:

Must have cydia tweaks for your iDevices

Must-have Cydia Tweaks

Tweaks in iOS devices have brought in much excitement and helpfulness to the users. They give the users the power to morph the features and look of their devices internally and use them in the most suitable ways. From the wide array of cydia tweaks on the web for the idevices, here are the must […]

Unlock Galaxy S5 Tmobile [How To]

unlock galaxy s5 tmobile

Though T-Mobile may not be as famous as other carriers in the US, the carrier has sold some major phones over the years, and this year, they started selling the Galaxy S5, which is currently the hottest handset available in the market. However, you being a T-Mobile Galaxy S5 customer would be aware that your […]

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